15 Golf Drills that Helped Me Shoot Scores Under Par (P1)

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Make 100 putts from 3 feet

This is a rigorous drill that you’ll feel like getting lazy at half way through but stay focused and challenge yourself to make 98/100 or better. It will benefit you on the course when you face 3 footers left to save par that should be easy knock ins yet you’ll put unnecessary pressure on yourself. This drill will build your confidence and take that self-pressure off of you if you do it several days each week.

Putting over a ball marker

To complete this drill, set a ball marker about 3 feet in front of you. If you want you can find a flat straight putt to set the marker in the path of so that you can hit the marker and then watch it go into the hole as well. This is a fun drill for me as it shows me if I’m starting the ball on the correct line. You don’t necessarily have to worry about makes because your sole focus is hitting the ball across the marker.

One handed putts from 6 feet

I’ll admit this drill is a challenging drill but if you focus on quality reps you’ll reap a lot of benefits from it. To complete this drill build a gate with two tees for the putter to pass through. Set a ball between the two tees in the middle of the gate and stroke one handed putts focusing on keeping the face square at impact for a quality rep. The ball should start out on a straight line if done correctly and if you are hitting a straight flat putt you should see it go in. Making one handed putts from 6 feet builds your confidence when you face normal 6 foot putts out on the golf course during your round.

Downhill putts from 12 feet

When you get above the hole your score can rise quickly as you’ll face tough downhill putts and often you end up 3 putting. To prevent this I spend time working on downhill putts from 12 feet to learn how to baby the putt down the slope to the hole and not run it by or leave it short causing another downhill putt

Downhill putts from 12 feet

Phil Mickelson Putting Drill

The most important part of my game and maybe yours is putting. If I can putt I can shoot low scores. Rounds that I’m around par I usually average under 30 putts for 18 holes. To get good at putting on the course during a live round you have to work hard during warm up on the practice green getting the speed down to a science. Phil Mickelson places 3 balls at 30, 40, and 50 feet and one at 60 feet for 10 putts/balls total and lags each within tap in distance of the hole. Spend at least 20-30 minutes stroking lag putts from different distances between 30-80ft focusing solely on the speed of the green so that you’ll be able to make putts when out on the course.

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